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Bankless is a movement for Web3 pioneers

We seek new ways to build wealth, solve human coordination problems, create culture, and develop cutting-edge thought leadership in the crypto space. Going Bankless means taking control of your financial health by adopting decentralized and permissionless money systems. Bankless is the movement educating the world on how to do it.

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BanklessDAO is the homebase

BanklessDAO is a community of passionate Web3 thought-leaders who aim to educate new users, produce written and audio media, build DAO tooling, provide consulting services, develop Web3 scholarship, and create a social and creative home base for anyone in Web3. We're so much more than a social DAO—we're a shipping, building, and innovating DAO.

Our mission

Our mission is to onboard 1 billion people to crypto. The nodes in our growing ecosystem collaborate to create user-friendly onramps for people to discover, use, learn, and enjoy the benefits of Web3. Everyone falls down the rabbithole a different way—we provide all the ways.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to make financial independence, decentralized work, and creative freedom accessible to all. We work to build a world where anyone with an internet connection has access to the tools needed to achieve financial independence. We want everyone to be able to open a computer, find a DAO, start working, and get paid. We want to enable visionaries to unlock their true creative freedom with the power of Web3.


We learn from each other. We seek to become a trusted guide that empowers people all over the globe to adopt decentralized finance by sharing accurate, truthful, and objective information.
We reward action and embrace risk. We empower our community to continually drive new initiatives by providing a space to self-organize and quickly move from idea to action.
We put decision making into the hands of the collective. We create legitimacy through an environment where the best ideas win.

Join Us

This open and liberal financial system is just getting started. We're building new economies, new ways to work, new thought leadership and scholarship, and new forms of art.

Join us and embark on our mission:

To educate the masses in this new decentralized money system that anyone can use to build wealth and climb the economic ladder.

To create new paradigms in how people coordinate, organize, and work.

To be at the forefront of art and culture.

To provide alpha every day and every hour of the year.

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A decentralized autonomous organization that acts as a steward of the Bankless Movement progressing the world towards a future of greater freedom.


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