Community Calls

Join the entire Bankless community on Fridays at 4pm UTC

Community Calls are the anchor of the BanklessDAO community. Every Friday at 4pm UTC we gather for one hour on the Community Call Voice Stage to hear key governance updates, share hype news, and have roundtable discussions on important topics in the DAO. For those unable to join our Discord, catch the live stream on BanklessDAO Twitch.

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Join the weekly CCs!

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The CC Format

  • 0-10 minutes: Moderator opens with key governance updates.
  • 10-30 minutes: Hype News from the community. What’s the most exciting thing happening in the DAO, and how can we celebrate it?
  • 30-55 minutes: Roundtable discussion on key topics in the DAO, especially governance.
  • 55-60 minutes: Moderator closes.
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Weekly Updates

There’s so much going on in the DAO that we have two newsletters designed to share critical updates without crowding the discussions happening in the call. Get up to speed by reading:

  • The Weekly Rollup Newsletter released Fridays.
  • The Gearing Up Newsletter released Tuesdays.
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The CC format was designed by the community via forum discussions and continues to evolve. Samanthaj and frogmonkee led the effort in Season 3 and proposed several changes to revamp the CC format, which used to be a string of updates from coordinators. Read more about the evolution:

  • CC Revamp Draft 1
  • CC Revamp Draft 2
  • Gearing Up Newsletter Proposal
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Add the Weekly CC to your calendar!


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