How to kickstart a project within the DAO

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Pitch your idea to fellow contributors so you can find a group that aligns with your goals and wants to see your idea come to life. Typically, this involves hours spent on multiple Discord meetings and lots of discussions in channels. You are encouraged to have these conversations in public channels so that other like-minded individuals can get involved.

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Write a forum post following this template. The bDAO community will vote on your proposal and leave feedback on our forum. If your proposal is particularly complex or technical, share educational materials so voters can better understand it and make an informed decision.

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The majority of proposals don’t pass muster in their original form. This is our iteration process in action. Keep an eye out for the comments and feedback from our contributors on your proposal: they are invaluable to making it a success. Incorporate the feedback you get and prepare a second or third draft if necessary.

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If your proposal is up for at least seven days, receives at least 30 votes, and has a majority in favor, you’re approved to begin work! If you don’t require funding from the Grants Committee you can begin work immediately.

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If your proposal requires funding, you need to submit this form to go before the Grants Committee and request funding. Then, you can pitch your proposal to the Grants Committee in their weekly meeting on Tuesdays at 12pm EST/5pm UTC in the Amphitheater, a voice room in the BanklessDAO Discord.

In order to acquire funding, you need to meet these preliminary requirements:

  • One or more project champions who serve as the main point of contact.
  • A channel in the BanklessDAO Discord.
  • project page on BanklessDAO’s Notion.
  • A multisig with at least three signers that will receive the grant funding.


Depending on the financial ask, quorum requirements for forum posts are scaled. The table below shows how many voters will need to be present to approve your request.


A Season at bDAO is similar to a corporate quarter and generally lasts three months. They provide funding landmarks for bDAO coordinators and the Grants Committee. Each season has a fixed amount of BANK allocated to pay contributors in the DAO.

Read our Seasonal Specifications on Mirror:


Membership delineation is an important aspect of governance. BanklessDAO server members fit into these categories:

Guest Pass:

An individual who does not yet have 35,000 BANK in their wallet. This person can participate in the DAO for free, but must have their pass renewed every two weeks by a Level 2 (L2) contributor.

MEMBER Level 1:

An individual who has 35,000 BANK in their wallet. L1s have access to perks and are eligible to be nominated to L2.


An individual who has 35,000 BANK in their wallet and has been nominated by and voted in by the existing L2 contributors. L2s are trusted community members who embody the BanklessDAO mission.

WHALE Level 3:

An individual who has 150,000 BANK in their wallet.

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